-  A beautiful custom doll is easy to order from me  -

1. Books  always open. Just get in line.

2. I need as much detail as possible. Pictures are great or give me guide lines and I will     design the doll.

3. No deposit- Payment in full when I start your doll. Shipping -full insurance . Actual        shipping  cost per zip code.

4. Preview pictures sent before shipping.

5. I stand by my work. If there is a problem, please contact me.

6. Payment-money orders, cashier’s check, PayPal,  personal check sometimes. I do time     payments- contact me.

7. Orders $400.00 or more get free shipping . Overseas  1/2 off shipping.

8. Each doll comes numbered with a COA  that is signed, numbered and  includes two     photos.

I know life happens if you need to change the order ( before I start your doll ) or cancel   please let me know. I do not like to be in limbo and I will have no hard feelings.

 If you have any more questions please contact me.

                                                        -  PRICING -   

Do to customization and peoples great imaginations it is hard to put a blanket price on most groups of dolls. Each doll is priced by the amount of work, detail and how complicated the outfit is. Please email me with your ideas and then I will quote a price. This way I do not over charge or undercharge for my dolls.  

Listed below are the base prices for 3 groups of Rider Dolls ,in classic or traditional size. These groups are easier to set a price for.

Saddle Seat Rider Doll - $200.00  (includes  Jacket, vest or cummerbund, shirt , tie, pants, hat,                                                plastic boots and new hair optional  on men)

Hunt/ Jumper/ English -$165.00  ( includes Jacket, shirt, breeches, pin or tie, plastic boots, hat                                                 and new hair  optional  on men)                

Dressage- $180.00 ( includes Jacket,  shirt, tie, breeches, plastic boots, hat and new hair                              optional  on men)

Upgrades are priced  below ( I charge for these do to the amount of time they take to complete)

$15  for a totally face ( factory paint removed )

$20  for under the pants Boots Real Leather

$25  for high top  Boots Real Leather

$20  for Head up  

My Elite Line Collection is only available through auction on MHSP.  These dolls cannot be ordered do to the amount of time put into them.

Custom Order Custom Order Custom Order Custom Order Custom Order Custom Order

                                                    - About My Dolls -

1. I take pride  in my work.

2. I create as close to 1/9 scale as possible.

3. All machine sewn- very little glue and hand stitching.

4. Top quality fabrics and real leather.

5. I design and make my own patterns to be just like the real world.

6. Do not use any Breyer clothes.

7. All clothes are non removable.

8. New hair for all female dolls - some male dolls.

9. Great attention to detail, but something's just cannot be made small enough.

10. Many hours are put into each doll to complete them the way I want them done.

11. I use  Breyer Rider Dolls.

12. I ship around  the World.


The photo galleries show a collection of dolls that I have created since  2000. I posted them for your enjoyment and examples of my work . I will not copy another makers doll or copy one of my previous dolls. If you find a doll you like on my website I can create one that would have the same feeling. My dolls are unique and Proven True LSQ. I do take custom orders and I create dolls for sale. These dolls are placed  on MHSP  and in my Doll Boutique . I work  in traditional and classic size.

I am here to create the best Rider Dolls I can for you , me and the Model Horse World.  I put my heart and soul into each one. They are a work of art that I am proud to say I created. Thank you for supporting my dolls and  enjoy them for years to come.

                                                         Sheri Wirtz


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