Sheri  W irtz

Many of you may know me by my Dolls . If I may I would like to give you a little insight into the woman behind them.

    I have been sewing for the better part of 40 years. I have a Bachelor Degree in Clothing, Textiles and Design. Even as a child I would design and sew Barbie doll clothes. At the age of eight I was given my first Breyer horse which I would make bridles and halters for. (by the way I still have them today!) Little did I know then that I would still be doing this as an adult. I've been blessed by being the daughter of the incredible artist Edwin Bogucki and the sister of the talented Kathi Bogucki. I have been working with my father for over 30 years, making molds of his clay sculptures and pouring the wax in the molds to prepare the piece to be cast in bronze, then grinding and applying the patina on the finished sculptures.  He has taught me that you have to be proud of your work, and nothing gets sold unless it's perfect. The other perk of having Edwin Bogucki for a father and Kathi for a sister is tapping into their wealth of knowledge of horse  world , Plus, all those years of going to horse shows and horse farms.

    With my Dolls you will get a work of art that is as close to 1/9th scale as one can possibly get. I spend many hours creating these pieces and am confident that it can be seen in the detail that is put into them. I use only top quality fabrics, leather, suede, and silks. I create my own patterns and tailor each garment to fit the doll to perfection. in order to achieve a realistic look. I also research extensively to keep up to date on fashion trends or to create in a Custom Order what is expected by the client. With the addition of new hair and styles that fit the look of each doll I feel I am not just "Dressing Up" Dolls but creating a wonderful piece for horse show people and doll collectors.  I've presently sold over  572  dolls worldwide and many have appeared in NAN and other regional shows.  

Doll  Artist